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    Handbag Trends: Spring 2021

    This topic really needs a post of its own – there is a lot to cover. Handbags really ran the gamut this season. From teeny tiny to oversize and everything in between. 1.   Tiny Bags I am sure we have all seen that photo of Lizzo carrying a teensy purse on the AMA red carpet. It looked like a piece of candy, no? They look cute but are they functional in any way?? Unless you have an assistant following you around carrying your stuff (as I am sure Lizzo does), these are just for show. But that has not stopped me from having 1 or 2, and legit I cannot…

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    Accessory Trends: Spring 2021

    Accessories are used to complete, elevate, and modernize a look. Even a “simple” tee and jeans, or a t-shirt dress can be turned into an outfit with the right accessories. Let us get started! Click to follow links.   1.  Chunky Jewelry A beautiful statement piece is an easy way to make an outfit more polished. Lately, the trend is toward simple large chains & necklaces, mostly in gold. Less is more – generally not a motto to which I subscribe but there are always exceptions, and this is one. Coin-style pendants are a more classic alternative if you are not a fan of such large pieces. Dish Tip: layer…

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    Fashion Trends: Spring 2021

    Fashion Friends, hello! Spring is HERE  This is my round up of fashion trends for the season. Snap these up before it is too late (or call me if you need help). 1. Trench Coats… with a twist The trench coat is an eternal classic, becoming highly popular after (and arguably originating from military uniforms of) WWI. This season, this classic style has taken on fun and fashionable twists, from bold shoulders/sleeves to oversize lapels, cape styles and slits. But you can never go wrong with an original. On the Runway Where to Buy (click photo to follow link): Club Monaco Everlane 2. Oversized button-down shirts Who loves a crisp white…