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Accessory Trends: Spring 2021

Accessories are used to complete, elevate, and modernize a look. Even a “simple” tee and jeans, or a t-shirt dress can be turned into an outfit with the right accessories. Let us get started! Click to follow links.


1.  Chunky Jewelry

A beautiful statement piece is an easy way to make an outfit more polished. Lately, the trend is toward simple large chains & necklaces, mostly in gold. Less is more – generally not a motto to which I subscribe but there are always exceptions, and this is one. Coin-style pendants are a more classic alternative if you are not a fan of such large pieces. Dish Tip: layer these for a more dramatic effect.

Stella & Dot

2.  Padded Headbands

Headbands have been popular again for s couple years now. Very nostalgic for me… I can remember loving headbands as a girl. And who could forget the important role that headbands played in the series Gossip Girl?? 😊 The great thing about headbands is there are so many styles to choose from: day to night, casual to dressy. Dish Tip: test brands and styles for sizing so it is not too big, sliding off your head, but not too small, squeezing behind your ears – ouchy.  

Femme Faire
By Vinnik

3.  Silk Scarves

This is my fave! I have been building my arsenal of scarves in the last couple of years, both silk and wool (I do, afterall, live in a cold climate). This accessory is exciting because of the shear selection: size, colour, pattern, texture, shape! And you do not have to spend big money… opt for poly-blends instead of pure silk. Dish Tip: check out Claudya Moreira on IG @claudyamoreira or TikTok @claudyamorerira1 for inspiration! She is AMAZING! 


4.  Berets

A little Parisian flair is always a good idea. After all, high fashion started in the French courts hundreds of years ago. I am not usually a hat person b/c…  hat hair. But this season I have purchased not one but two berets: one in grey (neutral) and one in red (spicy!) 😊 And no hat hair because berets are snug but not tight. Try a fun print, embellishment or unconventional fabric (like vegan leather).


5.  Short Hair

Ladies, put your clip-in hair extensions away! Short hairstyles seem to be en vogue. Classic bobs. Choppy shags. Slicked back ‘dos. Natural texture. Short hairstyles are sleek and sexy and beautiful! However, a few words of caution:

  • Generally speaking, it takes more time to do in the morning. Ponytails and headbands to hide your dirty or un-styled hair are no longer options 😉 Maintenance, meaning haircuts, also become more frequent in order to keep its shape
  • Once you want to grow it back, pack your patience. I had short hair (waaaay back in high school) and I remember the torture of growing it out – ugh!
  • Not all hair is created equal. The nature, texture, thickness/thinness, etc. of your hair may not be suitable for certain short styles. Talk to your stylist about this. If s/he knows what the heck they are doing, they can steer you in the right direction.
January Jones
Gabi Fresh
Kaia Gerber

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