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One of my favourite “hobbies” besides blogging and writing about fashion is – obvi – shopping! I enjoy finding new and interesting items and working them into my wardrobe. 

My long-time friend Claudia, a faithful and engaged follower of mine (thank you sweetie XO) was looking for a wardrobe refresh for the coming spring. She told me she tends to buy the same styles and colours over and over again, and wanted to break away from that. She said to me “How do you do it? Can you help me?” And I was more than happy to oblige. 

A little bit about Claudia… she is a professional with a young family. She describes her style as casual preppy. She’s looking for modern, classic pieces that can be styled for work and weekend. Physically, Claudia is average height, a size small (4-6) and slightly pear-shaped.

Join us on our shopping day, see what we selected and why! Enjoy!

Claudia purchased 11 new pieces for a total cost of approx. $265 (incl taxes)

1 white single-button cotton stretch blazer

1 turquoise & blush printed dress

1 graphic tee

1 blush/white/pale blue blouse

1 black stretch pencil skirt

2 super skinny jeans (1 blue, 1 black)

1 beige knit skirt

1 cheetah print long sleeve blouse

1 black with white polka dot pleated skirt

1 oversize turtle neck sweater

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