Holiday Gift Guide

Yep it’s that time of year again! Most wonderful? Depends who you ask. Personally, I think it all starts too soon. I mean, holiday cups at the coffee shops on November 1st – really?! What’s the rush…? Already the malls are getting crazy! Anyway, I’ve gone on a tangent. Back to the matter at hand.  How to get through the season without blowing up your credit card?

Are there certain people you’re going to splurge on? Yes, sure. For me, it’s my niece and nephews. But otherwise I try to stick to a budget of $50-$100 per person. My friends and family agree on a limit in advance. Personally, I don’t buy for a lot of people (10-12) but some members of my immediate circle do and so it’s important to be cognisant and understanding of this. At the end of the day, it IS the thought that counts, not the value.

A few gifts that I have given or received that were an absolute hit (click for link to buy):

Drink chillers / whiskey stones (~$25). These are stainless steel cubes that you keep in your freezer and use instead of ice. Great for chilling straight drinks like scotch, cognac, Irish cream, etc. without watering them down. This brand also makes rods for beer bottles. Or there are limestone based versions as well.

Oscillating face cleansing brush (~$50) . As someone who spends a lot of time and money maintaining a skin routine, this was a heaven send (thanks sister)! I use it almost daily. It helps with exfoliation and deeper cleaning (which is important b/c I wear makeup everyday). I love it so much I gifted it back to my sister 😊

Electric toothbrush ($60-$125). I have gifted this to a few people. We’re a little obsessed with oral hygiene in our family LOL As someone with tooth sensitivity and receding gums, an electric toothbrush really helps.

Portable charger ( ~$50). It’s about the same size as a smartphone with both Android and iPhone cables. This particular one at full capacity can provide a charge to multiple mobile devices.  Perfect for the millennials and Gen Zs in your life who spend all their time on their devices.  Also excellent for travel!

Books (Indigo, varied)! I love to learn about inspirational people, global history, interesting ideas and new skills. I often give books as gifts to the children in my life – a curious mind needs to be cultivated. I always say that one day way in the future I want to be buried with the books and my shoes!

Personalized gift baskets (Walmart, varied). Buying gift baskets already made is pricey. You can build your own customized basket for less money and make it more personal. And this goes way beyond the holidays. I love to give homemade baskets for baby showers, house warmings, etc.

Scarves (anywhere & everywhere, varied). I practically collect them at this point (clutch handbags too). Not only useful for keeping warm during the cold Canadian winters, but also for making a fashion statement. I like to change my scarf every day or two depending on what matches my outfit or what kind of mood I’m in.

And a few more items to round out the list:

Charitable donations – for the do-gooder

Tree ornaments – for the Christmas lover

Chocolate – for coworkers/staff

Gift cards – for the person who is impossible to shop for (like me) or who has everything (like my mom)

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